The Augment Review is seeking either interviews or interview proposals for all genres of art and writing! Unlike our issue contributors, interviewers can be any age. However, because we are focused on providing a platform for youth voices, we prefer that the interviewee is under the age of 30.

There should be a variety of interview questions concerning inspiration, process, current projects, interests, etc. The interview should not be overly personal or trauma-based, and the interviewee should be free to pass on questions they feel uncomfortable answering.

If you send us a proposal, please know that you do not have to follow your proposed questions exactly! We are open to a degree of improvisation, and we welcome interesting tangents and side notes.

If you are interested in proposing or submitting an interview, please fill out this form.

If your proposal is approved, you will have up to eight weeks to execute and submit the final interview. We will look over it and contact you if we have any comments. If you submit a completed interview, we will contact you about it as soon as we can.

We would prefer it if you secure the interview opportunity before proposing.

There is no word limit for the interview, but we would like at least 5-10 questions, as well as bios for both you and the interviewee. You should also provide contact information and consent to contact from the interviewee so that we can verify facts.