Thank you for your interest in The Augment Review!

Submissions to Issue II: Pierce are currently open and will close on March 31st. We want your pocketknives and papercuts, words that cut clean through and leave us catching our breath.

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Visual inspiration

Verbal inspiration:

aluminum - tin - steel // slice - cut- stab // wind howling- black ice // scour - scrape -scrub // dread - guilt // hollow cores - cracked glass - cold slivering between your ribs // diamonds - silver // gash - wound - cut to the bone // illusions - shadows - one-way mirrors // arrowheads - switchblades // shattering - crystallizing - fracturing into webs // claws - fangs - nails // echoes in an empty room

For our issues and blog articles, we are currently looking for work from writers and artists between the ages of 13 and 25. For interviews and reviews, we are currently looking for work that spotlights creators under the age of 30. The interviewer or reviewer can be of any age.

To submit written work, please fill out this Google form.

To submit photography, please fill out this Google form.

To submit any other art, please fill out this Google form.

To submit for special calls, please check the corresponding pages linked below.

Submissions are free and we provide feedback on all submissions that request it and follow our guidelines. For submissions without feedback, we aim to respond within a week. For submissions with feedback, we will do our best to respond within 3 weeks, but we are an all-volunteer staff so your patience is appreciated. Please know that if we are considering your piece for publication, it may take us longer to get back to you. Feel free to inquire if you have not heard back from us within a month.

If accepted, pieces may be slightly modified to conform with house style. If this is the case, you will be contacted via email. Contributors are also welcome to make edits to their pieces after they have been accepted (though we prefer that such edits are kept to the line level).

As of right now, we are not a paying market. If we feature your work in our magazine, we hope our thanks will be payment enough!

We do not tolerate work that promotes racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, audism, or other discriminatory content. Additionally, because our staff consists of many minors, please do not submit any overly explicit work. All such pieces will be automatically rejected without feedback.


Written work

  • Short stories (2,000 words max)

  • Flash fiction (750 words max)

  • Poetry (80 lines max)

  • Creative nonfiction (2,000 words max)

    • No academic essays please!

  • Experimental (2,000 words max)

    • Any written work that doesn’t fit in an above category

Art (All art will be considered for the cover)

  • General art

    • Paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc.

    • Although there is no limit on the amount you can submit, it is unlikely that we will accept more than 3-5 pieces per artist

  • Photography

    • Feel free to submit a photography portfolio of up to 7 pieces

    • If not in a portfolio, please only submit up to 7 pieces

Special calls (to be published on our blog)

  • Articles

    • Include a brief summary of the proposed article

    • No word limit

  • Interviews

    • At least 5-10 questions

    • No word limit

  • Reviews

    • ~300-500 words

Feel free to contact us about submitting more unconventional work!

Written Submission Guidelines

  • Attach your piece as a Google Doc

  • We prefer standard formatting: Times New Roman, 12-pt, double spaced

  • Poetry can be single-spaced

  • We edit all pieces blind, so please omit your name and other identifying information from the file

  • Submission limit: short story- 2 pieces; flash fiction- 3 pieces; poetry- up to 4 pieces; creative nonfiction- 2 pieces; experimental- 2 pieces

  • You may submit in multiple categories per reading period

  • Any plagiarized work will be rejected without feedback and the author will be blacklisted

    • If we accidentally publish any plagiarized work, it will be taken down ASAP

Visual Submission Guidelines

  • Attach your files as PDFs (no .jpgs, .jpegs, HIEVC’s, etc., these may be too large for us to process)

  • If submitting 3D work, please submit multiple perspectives and 1 with a ruler

  • We edit all pieces blind, so please omit your name and other identifying information from the file

  • Submission limit: general art- no limit; photography- 7 photos

    • Though there is no limit on general art, please know that we are unlikely to accept more than 3 pieces per artist

  • You may submit in multiple categories per reading period

  • Art copied from published photographs, the internet, or existing works will be rejected without feedback and the artist will be blacklisted. We do not accept mastercopies.

    • If we accidentally publish a plagiarized piece, it will be taken down ASAP

Simultaneous Submissions

We currently accept previously published work and simultaneous submissions. If a simultaneously submitted piece is accepted elsewhere, please notify us so we can credit the site of its original publication.

If Augment is the first home for your work, we ask for First North American serial rights. If your work is published elsewhere afterward, please credit The Augment Review as a previous publisher. All artists and writers retain their rights to their work.


If you are rejected, please wait at least 1 month before submitting new work in the same category. Unfortunately, we will not accept resubmissions of rejected work. If you are accepted, please wait until the next reading period before resubmitting. We aim to uplift as many voices and perspectives as possible, so please know that we are less likely to publish a piece from a previous contributor.