Our Partner

Beyond the Page

Welcome to our partner and friend, Beyond the Page!

Beyond the Page is a youth organization sponsored by E2H.

Together, they feel that teenagers in the 21st century are unable to successfully convey their views and opinions on certain matters. Therefore, they want to prove that the younger generation is no lesser and overcome how their story is often overlooked. Everybody affects each other's lives on a daily basis, but very few people make a true impact. At Beyond the Page, they make an impact.

They started by posting weekly article about topics that affect people worldwide. They then decided to host a workshop. After a successful start, Beyond the Page is now starting Global Chapters.

At Beyond the Page, the Co-Founders believe in the financial independence of teenagers, giving them an opportunity to achieve this through Global Chapters.

What started as a simple project has now made a huge impact on not only their lives, but on those of their followers and readers.

Head to beyondthepage.in today to make an impact.