Editors in Chief


Sabrina Zhang


Sabrina Zhang is a teen artist from New York whose work has been recognized by Scholastic Art & Writing and featured in a number of art shows. She also designs infographics and more for a variety of local groups. Her favorite animal is a duck and she currently resides in Pennsylvania.

Stella Lei


Stella Lei is an alumna of the Iowa Young Writer's Studio whose work has been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Her writing is forthcoming or published in Gone Lawn, Milk Candy Review, Whale Road Review, and elsewhere. She is very fond of warm peanut-buttered bread and tea.

Prose Editors

Rachael Pei


Rachael Pei is a teen artist whose work has previously been published in her school's literary magazine and who was a finalist in the 2019 Central League Writing Competition. She genuinely enjoys giving literary feedback and always has a smile on her face. If she's not doing her homework, she's probably in her kitchen, trying to successfully bake fudgy brownies reminiscent of store-bought ones.

Sal Kang


Sal is a professional sluggard and occasional writer who spends most of her free time sleeping and reading Anne Carson. Her work has been published in Canvas Literary Journal, The Rappahannock Review, and Yes Poetry, among others.

Pascale Potvin


Pascale is Prose Editor at Walled Women Magazine, Assistant Editor at CHEAP POP, and Assistant at One Lit Place. She’s placed work in Eclectica Magazine, Maudlin House, BlazeVOX, and many others. She has a BAH from Queen’s University, and she is working on a budding book series. You can find her at or @pascalepalaces on Twitter.

Nikki P


Nikki is a writer from the United States. She edits for a few magazines and some of her work is published.

Saige Thornley


Saige is currently learning what it means to be an American in Taiwan, where she is teaching English to Taiwanese children. When not teaching or writing, Saige is probably somewhere bookish drinking bubble tea or coffee. She graduated from Northland College with a Bachelors in writing and gender studies. She plans to get an MFA in writing at some point, but for now, she can be reached at

Poetry Editors

Trini Rogando


Trini Rogando is a junior at TJHSST in Alexandria, Virginia. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Kalopsia Lit, the Interstellar Review, and the Trouvaille Review, among others, and she was recently named a National Winner of the National High School Poetry Contest. If she’s not writing, you’ll most likely find her procrastinating on physics homework or fiddling with four marimba mallets. She wants to remind everyone to not take life too seriously; no one ever gets out alive.

Ibrahim Williams


Ibrahim Williams is a Nigerian writer, poet, and satirist. He is a postgraduate student of the English language at the University of Lagos. His works have appeared in Nantygreens, SerotoninPoetry, Punocracy, Dream Walking, and other lit mags. When not reading, writing, he’s either on YouTube or playing football. Find him on Twitter @ibn_williams7

Zoe Reay-Ellers


Zoe Reay-Ellers is a teen writer from Washington State. You can find her work in The Heritage Review, The Eunoia Review, and The Rising Phoenix ReviewThe Heritage Review, The Eunoia Review, and The Rising Phoenix Review. In her free time she enjoys baking banana bread and hiking.

Idowu Odeyemi


Idowu Odeyemi is a Nigerian poet and essayist. He is the winner of Liverpool's Merak Magazine 2019 Annual Literary Recognition Awards for Poem of the Year. He was shortlisted for the 2018 Nigerian Students Poetry Prize. His works have been published in Britlepaper, Perhappened magazine, Praxis Magazine, Kalahari review, selected by London Young Laureate to appear in Spread the Word among others. He is a reader for Perhappened magazine and Chestnut review.

Norah Brady


Norah Brady is an 18 year old moon enthusiast writing about conspiracy, climate change, mars, and mountains. They were a runner-up for Youth Poet Laureate of Boston in 2020. Their poetry and short fiction works can be found in Rookie magazine, the Ekphrastic Review, the Blue Marble Review and elsewhere.

Amy Li


Amy Li is a young writer and artist from Georgia. Her work appears in or is forthcoming in the Lumiere Review, Gossamer Lit, and Biological Creatures, among others. Though her favorite activity is probably procrastinating, she also adores winter walks, binging TV shows, and sweet tea.

Amy Wang


Amy Wang is a sophormore from California. She has been nationally recognized by Scholastic and was a mentee in Adroit's summer mentoship. In her free time, you can find her reading and crying over fanfiction. Find her on Twitter @amyj_wang.

General Art Editors

Daniel Gergeus


Daniel Gergeus is a teen artist originally from the Middle East. He has taken a variety of art classes and is on the staff of his school's Literary & Art Magazine. He named his cat Sushi after his favorite food.

Julia Wei


Julia Wei is a Chinese-American artist who has previously been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. She has taken a variety of art classes including her school's Studio Art program. She lives with two cats and enjoys watching sunsets.

Ridhi Yarlagadda


Ridhi Yarlagadda is a senior and enjoys creating art in her free time. She's been interested in art after she moved to North Carolina and loves to work with a variety of different mediums.

Photography Editor

Shreeya Gomatam


Shreeya Gomatam is a self-taught photographer from the suburbs of Philadelphia who likes taking street and landscape-style photos. She is very passionate about outer space and various forms of activism. Her favorite pastimes are watching black-and-white movies and hiking.

Staff Artist

Jia Lin


Jia Lin is passionate about sculpture, classical composition, and environmentalism.

Staff Writer

George White


George White (She/Her) is a young writer from the North of England. She has a Masters in Creative Writing where she honed her short story writing. She particularly enjoys dystopian and ekphrastic writing. George enjoys all things creative. When she isn't writing, she is trying to pick up new crafts such as cross stitching, painting, and tie dying, all with various degrees of success.

Adepoju Isaiah Gbenga


ADEPOJU Isaiah Gbenga is an editor and advocate at Tribesmen, an editor at Writers Global Movement, a coordinator at Praxis Hangouts, and a coordinator at HillTop Creative Arts Foundation Minna. His interview questions presented to Wole Soyinka will be forthcoming in the Nigeria Review or Literature Voices. In 2020, he was in the longlist of Africa Writers' Award. His book is forthcoming in January 2021.

Thee Sim Ling


Thee Sim Ling (She/Her) is a young writer in Singapore who has placings in several compeitions and who has been published in Overachiever Magazine, BAZOOF! and Skipping Stones. She is also a writer for websites such as Gen Z Writes and Plastic-Lite SG. Being autistic with mild scoliosis, she is passionate about writing about disability hot topics. She's also a cybersecurity enthusiast.