(v.) to make larger; enlarge in size, number, strength, or extent; to increase; to raise

The Augment Review is a platform for the voices of the future. Through whatever art form you choose, if you're being honest, we want to amplify your voice. We want to help you make waves.

What unique perspectives do you have? What experiences have shaped your life? What are your passions, your fears? What do you find beautiful? We want to know your truth.

We are especially drawn to electrifying words and breathtaking art that leaves an impact long after it has been consumed. Check our Favorite Features page to see examples of pieces that inspire us.

With each issue, we hope to shed light on prevalent issues affecting today's youth and encourage compassion and understanding. We also aim to facilitate creative thought and activity through our feedback process and Critique Corner.

With your help, we hope that this magazine can be a space for creative growth and expression.